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Hi everyone.. - Running Wild With Our Scissors, so deal with it.... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Hi everyone.. [Nov. 12th, 2008|10:13 am]


Hi all .... just looking around and found you all here.  I live in Australia - should I mention that?

Ive made a couple of fabric dolls and really like the possibilities for the patterns you listed here.

Im a mum of 3, 14yrs, 11yrs and 3yrs.  I dont work as in an office.... but Ive been raising kids, Ive half done a BA (was thinking of teaching or journalism) but more and more life seems to be asking me to look at alternatives.  Might just be my middle age life crisis but it seems pretty cool that I might be able to earn heaps of money mowing lawns (fit, tanned and rich!! LOL) AND then have heaps of time to do my veggie patch (yet to come) and my sewing.  I would love to make some money out of my mmm.... talent (my sister's word... Im not confident enough to think it yet.)

On that topic I was reading a mental health article on the internet (and yep we all believe everything on the internet LOL) and apparently women more than men undervalue themselves.  So there you go.  Maybe Ive got a little talent after all it is just my woman's hormones and brain feeding me doubts.  Do you have that problem...... ?


I just dropped by to say I would love to join in the doll round robin if you find the time after Christmas.