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Need feedback from people in USA - Running Wild With Our Scissors, so deal with it.... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Need feedback from people in USA [Nov. 14th, 2008|12:23 am]


OK so I didnt notice that there hadnt been too much action here when I posted before.... Im still gonna make a couple of wacky dolls and post pics.....

ANYhow..... Im drawing up some first pictures for a quilt to celebrate the inauguration of Obama.

I think I am going to use some elements of your (USA) emblems such as your flag and the eagle.  I just wondered how you feel about that.... it occurs to me that to use a people's symbols might require some input from those said people

I mean if I turn the stars and stripes into a pieced ribbon effect.... does that become offensive to USA or its people?  That kind of thing.

Im serious.. I really want to know what kind of feelings etc you have concerning the public use of these national emblems.

Thanks for any and all comments.

[User Picture]From: mizdarkgirl
2008-11-13 02:24 pm (UTC)
That should be fine. Take a look at these graphics to how stripes are used outside the traditional flag. http://www.patrioticon.org/patriotic-downloads-3.htm

One thing I would recommend is do not display the flag upside down. It is a sign of distress and some times is used as a protest signal. So if you have a block of stars, do not place them in the lower right hand corner unless you have a balancing block of stars someplace else.

Also makes sure your quilt is not in the Confederate configuration.

Obama also used a symbol for his campaign that might translate well to fabric

You could also use a donkey as it a symbol of the Democratic Party which Obama is a member of...

If you are doing piecework, some of these might translate well into fabric

Also America the Beautiful has some lyrics that might translate well into a quilt.

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[User Picture]From: mountainsnow
2008-11-13 09:05 pm (UTC)
Thank you for your time this is great. I count myself lucky that people like you are so willing to share what knowledge they have.

Have a great day.
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[User Picture]From: loriidae
2008-11-14 05:52 am (UTC)
I would love to see what you are doing, I must admit I have been slack posting as I have been doing mainly mixed media and not much fibre art but love looking at what everyone else is doing
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