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Running Wild With Our Scissors, so deal with it....

(Stretching fabric in ways the manufacturer never intended)

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This community is for art quilt artists to share some creative thinking out loud with each other. It is a place for both beginners and advanced artists to share conversation, their frustrations and their ideas. Eventually it is my hope this community will become active enough it will be a reliable source for how-to instructions, new product info, links to quilt art related newsletters / ezines, a place to find info on calls for submissions, workshops, etc. Eventually it might be fun to include in group challenges to push ourselves outside our comfort zone boxes. It will always be a place for friendly discussion on the subject of quilting and textile art.

What is an art quilt?
It is a fabric collage/painting. It can pictorial, abstract, or a collage of materials. Fabric is such a wonderful medium to create with– you can stitch it, bead it, texture it, layer it, paint and dye it. You can incorporate photography into art quilts by printing them directly to fabric using an inkjet printer. It's also fun to use found objects such as wire, twigs, rocks, and even those net bags you buy oranges in. It is an experiment or a statement, it can be to keep you warm at night, but most art quilts are hung on the wall like a painting. It is NOT like the quilts your grandmother use to make.
Some wonderful samples of art quilts can be found at the following links:

The official definition of a quilt is three layers of material with some kind of stitching that hold the layers together. This stitching is the quilting. Art is hard to define and everyone has a different opinion. One definition of art is the conscious use of skill and creative imagination especially in the production of aesthetic objects. It is an original creation that expresses the artist’s feelings or thoughts. An art quilt combines these two definitions.

So, What is an Art Quilt?
An art quilt is an original creation that requires skill and imagination to produce three layers of material with some kind of stitching to hold the three layers together and expresses the artist/quiltmaker feelings or thoughts. It is usually designed to be displayed on the wall instead of the bed, like traditional quilts.

An art quilter is an artist just like a painter, or sculptor, that uses fabric as his or her medium. Although technique and craftsmanship are important, it is not what drives the artist to make the quilt. The final "picture" or quilt is the goal.

Or enter the search term "art quilts" into google and get lost in the talent out there!

The sole purpose for this community is for the members to inspire each other to go one step further, to think outside the box, to be bold and to blaze new trails in art quilt making.
Traditional quilters who are considering coming over to our "dark side of quilting" are welcome to join as well, but be warned, this forum is not about traditional quilting. This is about thinking outside the quilting box and going places piecework will never go. How daring are YOU???

Bickering or personal attacks will not be tolerated. Everyone has an opinion, all of them will be respected. Please, no critiques unless asked for one. This community is about sharing info, inspiration, and a sense of community with other fabric/fiber artists. Keep it constructive. Thanks!

"WARNING": We ALL run with our scissors, and we mean business!

Disclaimer: This community is not connected to the web site quiltart.com nor to the list connected to that site, (although some of our community members are also members of that list)....this is simply a separate LJ forum for the same type of subject matter.
YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE A LIVEJOURNAL TO POST (but non-member posts do undergo a slight delay as they are moderated to insure they contain community related content).