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Running Wild With Our Scissors, so deal with it.... [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Art Doll [Jan. 4th, 2008|02:44 pm]

While I can't participate in dejablu's art doll challenge, I thought I'd share one of my own creations to help inspire others. They really are quite fun to make... hope some others participate and share their creations.


2 more pictures behind the cutCollapse )
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on making dolls [Jan. 4th, 2008|05:56 am]
Interesting call for entries here:

Looks like Houston hosts more than art quilts....

Last year's winners can be seen here....

Dolls really are simply 3D art quilts with faces...smaller in scale than a quilt but holding unlimited possibilities, they can even be multimedia in design. For some dollmakers the dolls they create are their alter-ego.... or their muse.

Need more inspiration to take part in the challenge? Your doll can go in any art doll direction you want....
How about one like this bookdoll? http://www.ninaoriginals.com/images/dollbook1.jpg
More inspiration here:

We have 3 solid participants for now, who else is in? There is nothing to fear in doll making, it is an adventure that can go anywhere you want it to go, it has in my opinion, less limits that art quilting creation because it has dimension and no limits of any kind on the materials used. Not all dolls are cute or pretty, not all of them have faces.... for me, dolls have always been a soul spilling experience, a healing, a motivator. Anyone else want to play? This adventure might even lead to some artquilt ideas....

I will post 2-3 patterns tomorrow evening for those who want one to use.
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And so it goes... [Jan. 2nd, 2008|06:29 am]
No info on interested players via email so far for the doll round robin, so if I do not have at least 5 players by the 5th, it's gonna be called a wash and we can try to organize it again in the spring or something.
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Ok it's on- The Wild Art Doll Challenge that is [Dec. 26th, 2007|01:41 pm]
I need anyone who wants to take part to email me their info... (name and mailing addy), my email is dejablu503 at yahoo dot com. I'll get it out to everyone taking part along with a listing of who each one mails their doll to first. When you get a doll to work on there is no predetermined part you are to do, once I know how many are taking part I'll be able to list the sections you have to choose from. I'd like to see each doll have a small handmade paper/ or fabric book with it, with a page for each contributor to put down what they did and why they did it the way they chose as well as the following info: Name, DOB (date and month), email, web site, snail mail. It can be a simple book, with a decorated cover or not.... if we have 5 people playing it will need 5 pages, if we have 7 it will need seven pages, etc.

Changing the start date slightly, your doll needs to be in the mail by the 15th, you make any form you want, totally blank.... it will be the canvas everyone will work on. If you want it to go in a particular direction, enclose a thoughts page in the signature book of what you envision... a muse, a goddess, a fairy, or a little story about the doll to inspire the contributors in how to aid in it's creation.

If anyone needs a doll pattern to use please post and I will scan 3-4 and post them for people to use.

I will post again after I know how many are playing.... you have until Jan 2nd to email me your info. For the quilters only I would say, this is your chance to broaden your horizons and play outside the box on a small scale.... come play with us.... textile art is textile art, dolls are a ton of fun, this is a natural for art quilters, think of it as a small 3D art quilt, one with a personality all it's own
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New Community [Dec. 12th, 2007|07:25 pm]

Hi everyone haven't posted for awhile...been slack....I just thought I would let you know about a community called jan1_2008  it is about accomplishing 101 goals in 1001 days and I have listed all my ufo's or as my girlfriends calls them wip's (works in progress she says it sounds so much nicer)  anyway I am using it to kick start some enthusiasm for all those unfinished projects and all the things I have been meaning to do, you know all those projects that I bought everything you need for it and didn't end up doing.

By the way I am really looking forward to the results of the doll challenge...I am not a doll person so it is not for me...but I love looking.
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Let's kick start this community in 2008.... [Nov. 28th, 2007|02:26 pm]
I got 2 books of wild art dolls on ebay...who's interested in doing a wild art doll round robin starting January 1st? I can post 3-4 of the patterns for the dolls, you can pick the one you want and make the blank, and we each can do a part of completing them. So the doll maker makes the blank, the 1st person to get it does the face, then next one the hair, etc. Anyone want to play? I cannot do it before Xmas, there is too much on my plate right now. I can scan the patterns and get them up within the next week though, when you make your blank is up to you, it needs to be ready to mail by Jan 2nd.
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Journal Quilt [Nov. 1st, 2007|10:01 pm]

Since IQF opened today, I posted my JQ on my blog and my LJ.

Finished it six weeks ago and still trying to figure out what to make next. Sigh.
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It's Begun: an introduction [Oct. 18th, 2007|10:54 am]
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So it's begun. I've started work on the design for my first "art quilt". Right now I'm figuring out how I'd like to translate that design into fabric. Late evenings at home this week have been spent with various bits of cloth, paint and brushes to try and settle on the best way to depict the one painted area I'll be including in this piece. I think I've hit on a solution and might be ready to take the plunge tonight; get that image onto the actual fabric I've decided to use.

I'm a textile junkie. I love to create using cloth, thread, fiber, et al. My mother's fault. She taught me to handsew, embroider and knit at an early age. I also make period costumes, spin, and I do a little tablet weaving. So why should I suddenly want to make an art quilt? Well, I literally came face to face with the inspiration at the bookstore last weekend. I'd turned to leave, and had almost reached the door, when I saw the cover of a magazine that I couldn't leave behind. It was full of beautiful pictures of art quilts that hooked me, and made my fingers itch to create one of my own.

I've always found quilting to be an interesting technique, but I've never really felt inspired by so-called "traditional" quilts. I absolutely recognize the craftsmanship that goes into making them, and very much admire the exquisite hand stitching on some of them, but they have never really "spoken" to me. I think it's because I feel too much regulation or stricture goes into their design and construction. Their patterns feel too "uniform" for me, although I know that many people love them and believe this is what a quilt is all about.

Today I already have images in my mind's eye that will probably make at least three art quilts. I'm not quite seeing their finished forms of course; at this stage they're just images that I'd like to play with, translate into fabric and then hang on a wall. But it's one step at a time for me right now.

I'm glad this online community exists, and have already taken the time to enjoy reading everyone's posts.
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Feeling insecure. [Sep. 19th, 2007|09:28 pm]

Wrote out my statement for my Journal Quilt tonight so tomorrow I can take it to Kinkos (even though it's only the second-last minute). I hate writing about stuff I've made--I feel like a fraud talking about myself like I've done something important. It looks cooler than anything I've done, but it looks silly and childish next to some of the earlier quilts published in Creative Quilting. Which is pretty much why I dropped out of the JQ Project the first two times I signed up.

That's it.
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Express YOUR opinion!! [Aug. 17th, 2007|02:32 pm]

[Current Mood |determined]

Makes my blood boil. Makes me laugh too:
Germaine Greer and a VERY condescending viewpoint regarding art made from "scraps of cloth"

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